GIF and short Video creation

Whether or not the “G” in GIF is pronounced as in “gift” or “gin”, there is one sure thing: using such visual content can massively enhance a brand’s message.  GIFs are a perfect tool for a company to interact effectively with its customers.


Why creating GIFs at all?

1. Longer Attention Span
GIFs are suitable for hooking users: as they usually last only a few seconds, they perfectly serve the short attention span but create enough buzz to keep the user looking.

2. Visual First
People are visual beings: according to research, people can retain only 10 to 20% of the information read in a plain text. The percentage goes up to 65% once a compelling visual is attached.

3. More cost efficient than videos
GIFs are more appealing to users than images, but in the same time way more cost-efficient than creating a full advertisement video.

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How to create a GIF with zerolens?

1 Step:
Select the most suitable virtual environment. Place your product and take several pictures of the product from various angles.

2 Step:
Add the photos to an animated GIF creator and enjoy the GIF.


Example GIFs made with zerolens

The following GIFs were entirely generated on a laptop using zerolens and giphy. Try it yourself.