A/B testing for advertisement creation

A/B testing often is a pain. You have to create numerous ad-sets to find the best converting combination. This includes shooting a lot of different images, since the image is a crucial factor influencing conversion rates in ads on social media and display networks.


Why do A/B testing at all?

A/B testing are experiments to compare a lot of different advertising sets based on performance measures like conversion rate or ad price.

The aim is always to find the most optimised mixture of ad-image, caption and ad-text that performes best on your specific measure and target group.

This method is especially helpful in optimizing website conversions or ads on social media / search engines.

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A/B Testing

Photos are the most important factor in social media ads

If you look at an advertisement with four large paragraphs of text with no photos in it, what are the odds that you will actually read it? Exactly.

According to current research the brain processes images 60.000 times faster than text.

Therefore, it is crucial to have mesmerizing visual content in your ads to capture the attention of potential customers.

In order to determine which images convert best at your target group it is important to test different images in each social media ad.


Create countless ad-images with zerolens at ease

With zerolens you can easily do countless photo shootings in basically no time.

As result you can create a lot of different photos for your A/B tests. By using different virtual photo-sets, angles and products you will shoot photos that really capture the attention of your target group.