How do I get 3D models in the right format?

This lesson will give you a summary of the different ways how to get your own objects and products as 3D models.

Sourcing your 3D Models

There are different ways to get a 3D model in the right format for zerolens:

1. Use your existing 3D models
2. Hire
a freelancer/service to create 3D models

1. Use your existing 3D models

A lot of companies already have 3D models of their products. The most common forms are 3D models from previous advertising, design or manufacturing processes. If you already have an existing 3D model, then make sure that it is prepared in the right data format. Check out this post, to learn how to upload your 3D models.

If you have a standardised packaging you can also try to find the right 3D model on online 3D marketplaces.
Here are some marketplaces we can recommend

2. Hire a freelancer/service to create 3D models

There are two different approaches that work best in our experience. Either you hire a freelancer or you use a service to create your 3D models. Here are some examples:

We highly recommend to either use your own model (created by somebody within your company) or hire a freelancer/service. If you are trying to hire a freelancer or a service to create the 3D models for you, the article on "How to hire a freelancer/service for 3D model creation" will help you to succeed.

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