Get Help creating 3D Models

Hire your own 3D artist with our brief generator tool.

You are looking for your own 3D model to use zerolens? 

We are here to help. Just follow these steps:

1. Create a 3D artist brief with the help of our "brief generator" tool

Brief Generator

Give the artist instructions

2. Contact 3D artists of your choice

We recommend using Fiverr to hire your first 3D artist if you don't have an artist of your choice. Attach the completed brief to provide the artist with the required information. Follow the link below to get to the right category instantly:

Go To Fiverr

Find your 3D artist on fiverr

3. Hire an artist to create your product as 3D model

Contact a few different artists to get the best proposal and decide on the artist of your choice in order to use zerolens. If you or your artist have any questions we are always happy to help! Simply contact us via our messenger in the bottom right corner.

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