Depth of Field

Learn how you can create professional looking photos with our new depth of field effect.

Have you ever wondered how a good photographer creates those cool looking blurry backgrounds? Well she plays around with the f-number, focal length and much more.

We implemented a new feature that makes it super easy to create this effect on your zerolens photo - no photography knowledge required.

How do you create depth of field with zerolens?

Click on the settings symbol (gear on the bottom right) of the creator and choose the strength of the depth of field.

zerolens' Depth of Field options ins comparison

1. none

none - no depth of field at all

2. weak

weak - natural looking depth of field

3. strong

strong - quite strong depth of field, brings the focus to the object/product

4. ludicrous

ludicrous - this might be a little bit too much ;)