Gain experience as content creator

We are a Vienna based startup who are on a mission to change photography in its fundamentals. On this mission, we want to give young, talented writers the opportunity to write and publish articles for a global audience while being trained in the core skills of online marketing.

Everyone who's interested in taking this opportunity will only need to write 5 articles in proper English. After you have chosen your topics and written the articles, we will not only publish them under your own author's page, but will also send you an official certificate as well as a personal recommendation from our CEO.

SEO Training

Get a deep dive training into the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the web.

SEO Certificate

Receive a signed SEO certificate from an emerging Deep Tech startup.

Online Visibility

Share your work on a platform with global visibility and your personal author's page - ideal for your own online appearance.

CEO Referral

Receive a personal referral from our CEO to value your work.

Experience & Proof

Use this opportunity to advance your English language skills and create your own portfolio with high visibility.

Writing Feedback

Get feedback on your writing from experienced online content writers to further improve your skillset.
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